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Multimedia WORTH

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Multimedia WORTH

Multimedia WORTH Partner(s): Nabila El-Bassel
Social Intervention Group, School of Social Work

Access: Private
Released: October 2009


WORTH is a computer-supported HIV prevention intervention for groups of drug-involved women who are on parole or in alternative to incarceration programs in New York. The goal of the intervention is to build positive peer norms and social support for HIV risk reduction. Multimedia WORTH is a collaboration between the Social Intervention Group (SIG) and CCNMTL. The multimedia intervention provides supplemental facilitator training, facilitator support resources, and participant activities. WORTH builds on CCNMTL and SIG's previous intervention projects to provide a combination of group activities and private activities for participants, and to include a narrative and cast of video characters who help lead participants through the intervention exercises.

Multimedia WORTH is funded by the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) and is part of a 5-year study to test the efficacy of multimedia versus traditional paper-based intervention models.

The Multimedia WORTH is a Triangle Initiative project.

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