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Strategic Initiatives

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CCNMTL combines insight and experience with current breakthroughs in digital communication technologies to extend the scope and reach of our work. The Center's strategic initiatives focus on the integration of digital technologies and media in education with full cognizance of the world's problems and promise.

Triangle Initiative
The Triangle Initiative creates digital tools and capacities that simultaneously serve the intersecting interests of education, research, and the larger community. By creating new economies of development, the positive effects of research and education are magnified in the interest of communities in need.


Digital Bridges
The Digital Bridges Initiative defines innovative pathways between digitized collections and the classroom. Developed in partnership with Columbia faculty and librarians, Digital Bridges projects create learning environments that afford students "hands-on" use of curated, persistent, high-quality digital resources, raising the stakes for learning in the information age.


Online Learning
The Online Learning Initiative combines pedagogical best practices with the appropriate technology to serve both the Columbia University community and its partners around the globe. In partnership with Columbia entities as well as local, national, and international foundations and government agencies, CCNMTL works with faculty to enhance online teaching and learning so that educators and students may inspire each other and work to achieve common goals. (Renamed from Global and Distance Learning Initiative.)