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CCNMTL supports a range of tools for faculty and instructors to manage courses, distribute course materials, and engage students with collaborative or interactive assignments.

The following introductory paragraphs include links to help manuals, best practices, and additional resources.

CourseWorks, Columbia's online course management system, provides administrative and instructional tools to teaching faculty. CourseWorks refers to two platforms: the original platform (Prometheus) is being phased out and will be replaced by a new platform based on Sakai, an open source platform, starting in the fall 2011.

Columbia Wikispaces offers a wiki to every course, enabling online collaboration and easy-to-use web publishing for faculty and students.

EdBlogs@Columbia offers a blog to every course at Columbia. Course blogging is particularly useful to promote classroom discussion, conduct student journaling, or create online portfolios,

Video Interactions For Teaching and Learning (VITAL) is a web-based video analysis and communication system, consisting of tools for video editing and annotation and for the creation of multimedia reports. Students using VITAL complete assignments by editing online video segments, annotating their selections, and using these collected resources as a dataset to compose multimedia essays.

Mediathread is an open-source platform for exploration, analysis, and organization of web-based multimedia content. Mediathread connects to a variety of image and video collections (such as YouTube, Flickr, library databases, and course libraries), enabling users to lift items out of these collections and into an analysis environment. In Mediathread, items can then be clipped, annotated, organized, and embedded into essays and other written analysis.

Columbia on iTunes U delivers Columbia-produced educational content to students, instructors, and the public through Apple's popular iTunes Store. Audio and video podcasts are easily downloaded to personal computers, iPods, or iPhones, providing 24/7 access to recordings of lectures, seminars, and events. CCNMTL assists both faculty and administrators using Columbia on iTunes U.

Columbia on YouTube gives faculty, students, and the public access to Columbia-produced videos of lectures, events, and promotional content on the popular YouTube platform. The new channel, which already includes over 100 videos, enables instructors and administrators to publish and share videos online for educational, promotional, and general use.

Podcasting and Media at Columbia University offer faculty and students the ability to record course content, like lectures and presentations, and distribute content via podcasts or other media formats.