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Services Overview

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The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) offers a wide range of free services to University faculty with the following goals: to provide access to teaching tools and resources that instructors need; to help instructors develop fluency with information technology and educational strategies; and to serve as a catalyst for innovation with technology supported teaching and learning techniques inside and outside of the classroom.

Our service philosophy is to provide the most supportive environment possible for faculty who invest their time and energy in new media technologies for their courses. Our educational technologists have extensive pedagogical training and are ideally suited to offer advice and direction to faculty who wish to discover and develop best practices in the educational uses of new media.

These efforts often lead to the creation of a course Web site that offers students convenient access to online course information, including custom content, selections from Columbia's Digital Library Collection and communication tools. Additionally, CCNMTL offers a variety of workshops for instructors who wish to explore these topics in greater detail.

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Project Development
CCNMTL projects are defined as more extensive efforts in which we attempt to create flexible tools and engaging study environments that faculty can shape to fit their particular classroom context. CCNMTL projects start with a project proposal from faculty.

All CCNMTL projects focus on overlapping areas of innovation to support student inquiry and improve students' understanding. Our projects include visualization and modeling tools; real-time data collection tools; data sharing programs; annotation and study tools; media archives; training environments; simulations and multimedia study environments. Projects emphasize collaboration, interaction and student activity. They promote better communication, personalization and the multiplication of spaces, both real and virtual, in which students are invited to study, research, communicate and learn.

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Design Research Methodology
CCNMTL is a unique service enterprise that creates new tools for teaching and learning and researches their implementation. Design Research is the methodology behind our efforts, supporting the exploration, development and application of digital technologies to enhance education at the University.

Through an iterative cycle of research, development and assessment, CCNMTL and its faculty partners experiment with innovative uses of technology within university courses and generate advanced knowledge in the field of new media teaching and learning.

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Developing partnerships with campus departments, institutes and other centers is a focus for CCNMTL. We look for partnerships that leverage expertise in diverse fields and lead to innovative results. We foster potential partnerships through open forums, conferences, and by sponsoring events like the University Seminar on New Media Teaching and Learning.

CCNMTL is a part of the University's Information Services Division which also includes the University Libraries and the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship. top

Grant Opportunities
CCNMTL collaborates with faculty across the university to identify grant prospects, obtain grant funding, and work on grant-funded projects that go beyond the walls of Columbia to serve the global community. The Center has received $7 million of its own grant funding and has been a project partner in grants totaling over $36 million.

Examples of past awards include a $2.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to support a CCNMTL/Teacher's College collaboration to conduct research, develop, and disseminate VITAL: Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning, a web-based video analysis and communication system for teacher preparation; an $845,000 NIH grant to support development of a multimedia version of CU School of Social Work's Connect project for use in community based organizations; a $350,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation to work with the Earth Institute to develop curricula, case studies and supportive technologies for Masters of Development Practice programs at CU and other academic, governmental and non-governmental institutions; and a $200,000 grant from JPMorgan to develop Mapping the African American Past, a public website created to enhance the appreciation and study of significant sites and moments in the history of African Americans in New York from the early 17th-century through the recent past .

To learn more about partnering with CCNMTL on grant opportunities, please contact Lucy Appert at or 212-854-0209. top

We welcome visitors to our offices on Columbia University's campus. Over the past decade we have met with hundreds of visitors from around the world to share our work and discuss the newest innovations in education and technology.

To arrange a visit, please email or call 212 854-9058 and let us know the area(s) of our work that your delegation is most interested in discussing. Based on your interests we will select an appropriate staff member to meet with you. Due to the large number of visitor requests we receive, we limit our meetings to one hour in length. top