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The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL), in partnership with the School of General Studies and with the cooperation of the Registrar, offers the Experimental Digital Classroom (EDC) to the Columbia community. Located in 308 Lewisohn Hall, the EDC is a flexible, fully connected, multimedia learning space whose purpose is to enable CCNMTL and our faculty partners to experiment with innovative classroom technologies and new pedagogical strategies.

Use the SMART Board to browse your CourseWorks Web site.

EDC Users:
Check out the schedule and reserve the room online. (Capacity: 18 students.)

New! A webcam has been installed adding web-conferencing capability to the EDC.

Contact us to set up a personal training session at ccnmtl-digclass@columbia.edu or at (212) 854-9058.

Having technical problems? Call the CCNMTL Help Desk at 854-9058 or let us know by filling out a report form.

The EDC is designed to support a range of instructional settings, including teacher-led sessions, seminars, group work, and distance learning. The room is intended to be flexible so that it can accommodate these different contexts and even be changed among them during class meetings.

In a traditional multimedia classroom, the standard projector-and-podium computer arrangement relegates the instructor to a corner of the room to manipulate a computer while students focus on the projected image. The EDC puts the participants back in the center of the classroom experience by more seamlessly integrating its presentation resources.

The principal feature of the EDC is the SMART Board, a 87" touch-activated computer screen that allows you to manipulate the computer directly so students can stay focused on your presentation. The SMART Board can project images from a networked computer or from a DVD player. You can use any combination of these resources to present course materials, or even to create new material on the fly.

Whiteboard-inspired tools such as colored "pens" make it easy to mark up, annotate, and highlight images and text on the screen. You can save notes, illustrations, and screen captures created during a class session and upload it to your CourseWorks site instantly without worrying about complex procedures.

A webcam is available for web-conferencing, allowing Columbia classes to communicate with groups on other campuses. Also, a dedicated Polycom VSX 7000s can be requested for video-conferencing if needed.

CCNMTL provides orientation training for faculty members interested in exploring the EDC, including the SMART Board, the webcam and the Polycom VSX 7000s. To learn more about the room and its technology or to make a reservation, please contact CCNMTL at (212) 854-9058.

Faculty members can also view the EDC schedule and request the room online.