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Footprints: Jewish Books Through Time and Place

Partner(s): Marjorie Lehman, Michelle Chesner, Adam Shear, and Joshua Teplitsky - Jewish Theological Seminary, Columbia University Libraries, University of Pittsburgh, and Stony Brook University

Footprints traces the history and movements of Jewish books during and after the early modern period. Each literary work or imprint represents a moment in time and space when an idea was conceived and documented, and in some cases shared with a chosen few, or distributed widely across regions or continents. Each copy of the imprint also has its own history to share. This history is the essence of Footprints. The history of the book is an important part of humanities studies that has seen a resurgence as more books are digitized, emphasizing the importance of individual books as objects with their own unique story to tell. Jewish books in particular have a fascinating story to tell about the spread of knowledge and faith in a global Diaspora.

The site was developed through a collaboration of researchers from the Jewish Theological Seminary, Columbia University, University of Pittsburgh, and Stony Brook University, as well as other partner institutions.

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