The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution

The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution

"... The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution": Taking Action in a Landmark Case Against the Lead-Paint Industry

Friday, April 28, 2006

Final Thoughts

As the research of our project is wrapping up and we begins to write our paper, I have been able to reflect on the outcome of our project and the environmental message I am hoping to get out to the public. The course of the group research has shown that knowledge is the most important weapon for combating the dangerous world of industrial pollution. The majority of companies that are contributing to industrial pollution are extremely wealthy and powerful and as a result are able to exert immense amounts of control over society. It would be extremely difficult and nearly impossible to force every industry in the United States to completely change the way these companies are organized and the kinds of products they are being manufacturing. Society cannot rely on industries to fix the problems that come with industrial pollution. Instead, individuals must take responsibility for themselves and for keeping their communities safe. All of the information regarding possible hazards associated with toxic chemicals in the environment is available in some form. However, the ability to access the information is limited by industries’ attempts to hide anything that would place their companies in a negative light. The best thing consumers can do is to constantly be aware of what kind of chemicals they are exposed to in the cosmetics they use, the food they eat, the water they drink, and the various other products they chose to purchase. The hard work of public interest and environmental groups has made this process easier. It is the work that is done to get the information about industrial pollution out to the public that will make with biggest difference in keeping consumers safe and keeping chemicals out of the environment. If consumers continue to increase their own level of awareness and hold companies to higher levels of responsibility, then consumers and society as a whole will find reason to feel hopeful about the ability to escape industrial pollution. Often learning about the environment can be a very depressing subject as there are always disastersoccurringg, pollution needing to be cleaned up, and individuals suffering the effects of adererioriatingg environment. However, this project did not leave me feeling this way. It left me with the feeling that individuals can make a difference in society to clean up the environment and provide a better living environment in all aspects of term.


Anonymous vijy said...

Politics should not be messed with industrial pollution, environmental conservation should be the main aim of politics.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous rahul said...

Industries must be enforced with strict regulations to conserve the environment.

11:04 PM  

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