Harmony: Harlem’s Celebration of Life Earth Day Concert

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stay grounded and Keep your eyes.

We're learning to remember our roots, or rather, we're seeing that for a moment we forgot them, and it's time to get grounded yet again. We had heard talk of corporate sponsorship and had spent hours thinking of the right words to get the right company with the right amount of money to write us a hefty check.- what was that about showing Harlem it has all the resources it needs? What was that about getting Harlem rooted in its own soil, not in someone else's money? What was all this we had forgotten?
So we're remembering, and we're getting us a school, and we'll have a grand concert and a grand old time on the playground; that's where we all learned most of our lessons anyway.
But all this has shown me, whatever you do, keep your eye. Keep your eye for brilliance, and work your way as high up as you can, because then if you're high up on whatever ladder this is that people are so sure they're standing on, and you've still got your eye for brilliance, you can change the world as easy as flipping a coin. But somewhere along the way everybody's getting their eye poked out, or maybe they just start climbing and realize they're afraid of heights, so they close them. I'm not too sure. All I know is when you get up high, people lose their eye for brilliance. Lesson number one of the project: Never let ANYONE poke your eye out- even Starbucks. No matter how big their pockets are or how much power they're wielding- keep your eyes, they are far more valuable.
I picked up a fortune yesterday. It said "Ultimate creativity is maintaining perpetual newness, a childlike openness and a curiosity in life." I thought it had grand timing.

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