Religion and the Environment

Religion and the Environment

Religion and the Environment: A Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Environment and Discover Common Ground in the Judeo-Christian and Buddhist Communities

Monday, February 27, 2006

Garrison Institute

There has been an exciting development in our project. Diane contacted the Garrison Institute, to help us with the section of our project on Buddhism. The Garrison Institute was founded to apply lessons from "the world's contemplative traditions" to saving the environment. The spiritual advisors for the Institute include a Tibetan lama, a Rabbi, and a Priest. The Institute is located in Garrison, NY (about a 75 minute train ride north of the city via MetroNorth). The Institute has very generously offered to cover our travel expenses for a visit, provide guidance for our research and design of the Buddhism pamphlet, and provide a location to distribute our pamphlets.

The Institute houses retreats and hosts programs on education, the environment, peace & reconciliation, and service in society. Their current environmental programs are centered around the Hudson River. One is called Caring for Creation, which focuses on the sacredness of the Hudson estuary, and the other is the Public Conversation Series, which hosts leaders from religion, environment, education and government. The Institute's projects are interfaith which makes me very excited about working with them.

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