Kill-A-Watt: A Campaign to Increase Energy Efficiency on the Columbia University Campus

Friday, May 05, 2006

Suggestions for Administration- Implementation

- The information presented in the previous blog-posts was distributed to the students as a pamphlet that was presented to the class during our Power Point Presentations.
-I will approach Mailing Services over the summer with this proposition. If they decline, there are a couple of options for us. We could either put them in mailboxes ourselves, or personalize them, or conserve paper and switch to an electronic form of information dissemination. If we decide to distribute the pamphlets over the summer, they will be placed in student mailboxes over the summer and there will be a couple of designated locations (to be determined) on campus throughout the year for distribution of information.
- A copy of the pamphlet will be put in the packet for incoming first-year students during the New Student Orientation Program 2006
- A link to our blog ( and Facebook group was placed on the message ticker on CTV (Channel 37;
- CTV News is working on the story to be aired in Fall 2006
- Over the course of the summer, an infomercial is going to be compiled. Once it is put together, it will be aired on CTV daily at least 2 or 3 times a day.

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