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The University Seminars at Columbia University offer the opportunity for sustained interaction of scholars, cutting across traditional boundaries of learning to generate fresh approaches and ideas. The camaraderie of intellectual fellowship enriches and challenges its members.

The University Seminars in New Media Teaching and Learning has a strong traditional component based in four annual evening meetings. It uses the traditional mechanism of inviting a significant scholar or recognized practitioner to address the seminar. The goal of these sessions will be not only to provide new and stimulating input into the Columbia discourse on new media and education but to provide an opportunity for the usually disparate players within the Columbia community to come together and exchange ideas and build alliances.

2001-2002: New Media, General Education, and the Challenge of Global Stability
Dec. 4: Part I
Feb. 4: Part II: General Education in the 21st Century
Mar. 11: Part III: Education in the Virtual World
University Seminar in New Media Teaching and Learning--2000
Dec. 12: The New Digital World: Hackers, Napster, Free Speech, and Piracy: How it Will Change the Entire Communications World Including Entertainment and Education
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