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MAREA: Pharaonic Period

Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Marea

Mareotis did not exist as a distinct geographical unit in pre-Hellenistic times. Its eventual territory belonged at that period in part to the western section of Lower Egyptian nome 7 (Harpoon) and in part to the northern section of nome 3 (Western). The earliest settlements may have been Libyans, perhaps primarily herdsmen. Egyptian development began perhaps in the Middle Kingdom, and the local wines were already well known in the New Kingdom (Dynasty 18).

Mareotis became more important in the Saite period, as the West Delta generally gained in importance. Marea was the location of a defensive installation built by Psammetichos I against the Libyans (Herodotos 2.30). In its neighborhood occurred, according to one account, a battle between Apries and Amasis (Diodoros 1.68). The revolt of the Libyan prince Inaros against Artaxerxes I broke out in this region (463-454 BCE).


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