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1. Marea relevance: 100%
    Article; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Marea
  Marea (or Mareia) and Mareotis: Marea was a village, then a city, in Egypt, located on the south side of Lake Mareotis, south and southwest of Alexandria. The lake, fed by canals from the Nile, gave its name to the district. The area developed into a major source of foodstuffs...
2. Classification of Wineries from Mareotis relevance: 90%
    E-Text; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Marea
  M. Rodziewicz, “Classification of Wineries from Mareotis,” in Empereur 1998: 27-36
3. Photograph: View from harborfront street relevance: 85%
    Main article: Marea
    Images; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Marea
  View from harborfront street across a pier toward the other side of Lake Mareotis, with the lighthouse of Taposiris Magna visible on the far side...
4. Multimedia: Archaeological Sites relevance: 80%
    Main article: Marea
    Video; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Marea
  Wine factories near the port area of Mareotis...
5. Hellenistic Civilization relevance: 70%
    Main article: Hellenistic Age
    Article; Mediterranean > Civilization > Hellenistic
  The greatest of Alexander's foundations became the greatest city of the Hellenistic world, Alexandria-by-Egypt. It was laid out in the typical Hellenistic grid pattern along a narrow strip between Lake Mareotis and the sea. Canopic Way ran the length of the city, finely paved and nearly 100 feet (30 metres)...