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1. Alexandria relevance: 100%
    Article; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Alexandria
  Alexandria is a regional marketing centre for agricultural produce, mostly grain. The town also has flour mills and other food-processing plants. Manufactures include construction materials, chemicals, and rubber products...
2. Hellenistic Civilization relevance: 90%
    Main article: Hellenistic Age
    Article; Mediterranean > Civilization > Hellenistic
  The greatest of Alexander's foundations became the greatest city of the Hellenistic world, Alexandria-by-Egypt. It was laid out in the typical Hellenistic grid pattern along a narrow strip between Lake Mareotis and the sea. Canopic Way ran the length of the city, finely paved and nearly 100 feet (30 metres)...
3. Photograph: Alexander the Great relevance: 80%
    Main article: Alexandria
    Images; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Alexandria
  The king of Macedonia founded the city of Alexandria in 332 BC...
4. Marea: Post Antiquity relevance: 70%
    Main article: Marea
    Images; Mediterranean > Egypt > Cities > Marea
  The history of the Mareotic region in the period after the Arab capture of Alexandria is not well known and its decline has puzzled scholars. Evidently a gradual decline in the canal system reduced the fresh-water supply of the lake, and finally the silting up of the Canopic branch of the Nile in the 12th cent. cut off the freshwater supply from the lake's eastern end...