Welcome to the Multimedia Study Environment of the Res Gestae edited by Professor Myles McDonnell.

On this website an English translation of Augustus's famous declaration of his personal and governmental achievements is annotated in hypertext with definitions and helpful biographies, as well as plans, elevations, and pictures of ancient buildings. At relevant moments in the text, also made available are the writings of contemporary historians such as Dio Cassius and Suetonius. The combined effect provides a way in which the student can learn how to read history in light of political propaganda and state sanctioned expression. A student is able to access as best as possible historical facts of the matter while also considering contentious points with help of primary material as well as excerpts from modern commentary.

You will find the excerpted texts under the universal sign for information [] next to numbered chapters of the Res Gestae. See "Technical Help" for more explanation of the interface and features of the site's design. You may click the "Enter" button at any time to enter the Study Environment and return to this page by clicking "Prologue".