About the University Seminars in New Media Teaching and Learning

University Seminars offer the opportunity for scholars to engage in sustained intellectual interaction with colleagues in a forum that cuts across traditional boundaries of learning. These meetings bring together scholars and practitioners from Columbia University and from other institutions in an effort to integrate the many threads of knowledge and experience. The goal is to gain a more unified perspective through interdisciplinary interaction.

This conversation is particularly important in the field of new media teaching and learning, as the University continues to experiment and incorporate digital technologies into academic practice. The University Seminar on New Media Teaching and Learning provides a rich opportunity to discuss the exploration of technologies and pedagogical practices to generate fresh approaches and ideas.


For more information, please contact the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning.

535 West 114th Street, Mail Code 1130, New York, NY 10027
Tel: (212) 854-9058
Email: ccnmtl@columbia.edu