February 9, 2004

Art and Technology

Undeniably, art and technology are part of the cultural core of our era. In addition, many artists have begun to engage the world of technological and scientific research — not just use its gizmos — but rather to comment on its agendas and extend its possibilities. Many scientists exploit "visualization" tools — interactive media, virtual reality, alternative sensors, 3-D sound — in their research. The shaping of research and development in arts and technology could benefit from the involvement of a wider range of participants, including those of us charged with designing teaching and learning environments throughout the University. On Monday afternoon, Mark Tribe, Director of Art and Technology at Columbia's School of the Arts, will guide us in exploring the current state of art and technology at Columbia, at other universities, and possible futures.

In addition to serving as Director of Art and Technology at Columbia's School of the Arts, Mark Tribe is an artist and curator. In 1996, he founded Rhizome.org, an online platform for the international new media art community. Recent curatorial projects have included Agenda for a Landscape, a new media installation at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City, and the computer art section of Game Show, an exhibition of artist's games at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts.