February 8, 2007

The Triangle Initiative

Taking advantage of the versatility of digital media, CCNMTL's Triangle Initiative is about making educational tools and capacities that are derived from applied research serve both Columbia's classrooms and the health and service needs of the larger community. It is called the Triangle Initiative because it represents a way for the three goals of the University to work in a new synchrony in which research simultaneously extends classroom capability and professional practice in the world.

This seminar will discuss the first two established Triangle projects in the CCNMTL portfolio:

Multimedia Connect: Susan Witte, The School of Social Work & Jessica Rowe, CCNMTL

Connect is a proven HIV intervention model for working with couples at risk of transmitting HIV to each other. CCNMTL, in partnership with the Social Intervention Group at the Columbia University School of Social Work, will translate this intervention to multimedia (creating "Multimedia Connect") in order to enable its wide dissemination to health service, social service, and community- based practitioners in New York State, other states in the U.S., and beyond our borders. In addition, components of Multimedia Connect will become core teaching tools used within the School of Social Work to train the next generation of practitioners about intervention techniques, Connect, and HIV/AIDS risk reduction.

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Prosecution: Conrad Johnson, Columbia Law School & Jessica Rowe, CCNMTL

This unique resource allows one to compare the collateral consequences of New York State criminal charges across of variety of doctrinal areas. It will serve multiple communities in a variety of ways: faculty can build case studies around it, lawyers can use it to help them better counsel their clients, judges can use it to help assure appropriate sentencing, and public policy researchers can use it as a lens to examine the matrix of the New York State legal system. Judge Kaye, Chief Justice of New York State, has supported the development of this tool, which she sees as a valuable social justice initiative.

Date: Thursday, February 8th, 4pm
Location: 523 Butler Library
Phone: (212) 854-9058

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