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The Autobiography of Malcolm X MSE: The Evolution of a Digital Study Environment

Thursday, February 17, 2005
203 Butler Library
3-5 PM
RSVP: Kendra Crook,, 212.854.0205

Please join us for an educational forum on the Multimedia Study Environment (MSE), featuring the latest release, The Autobiography of Malcolm X MSE.

With carefully selected annotations embedded within an online environment, the MSE is an innovative way to facilitate the close reading of a text. The Autobiography of Malcolm X MSE, produced in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Black History (CCBH), presents the primary text with links to critical annotations that provide perspectives beyond the written word. In addition, the MSE features a rich multimedia archive of primary sources, including historical documents, images, and videos as well as original interviews with scholars and Malcolm X's contemporaries.

Frank Moretti, Executive Director of CCNMTL, will provide an historical overview of the evolution of the MSE from the first, on Fredric Jameson's monograph "Postmodernism: Or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism" to the 17th, The Autobiography of Malcolm X MSE, and describe some of the lessons learned and developments made along the way.

John Frankfurt, CCNMTL Educational Technologist, will conduct a demonstration of the MSE that highlights some of the innovations implemented with this project.

Manning Marable, Director of the CCBH, will share his experiences with the MSE as an educational tool and discuss the value of the MSE as a tool for scholarship.

We welcome your comments during the Q & A session to follow the presentations.

To view CCNMTL's portfolio of MSE's, please visit our Web site.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X MSE
View the program as a PDF (283 kb).


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