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Project Criteria

The Triangle Initiative is a strategic effort of Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning to create digital tools and capacities that serve the intersecting interests of education, research, and the larger community. Each of these three domains must be substantially represented for a project to be considered in this category.

Below are examples of the type of engagement we envision for Triangle Initiative projects in each of its three domains:


  • The overall project or its components will provide meaningful support to the educational goals of one or more classes and/or clinical programs of the university.
  • The project or one of its components will be an intrinsic part of one or more assignments.
  • Ideally, the project will serve to transform in some way the teaching of a subject or bridge the gap between classroom preparation and professional practice.


  • The results of the research have been or could be applied to the larger community.
  • The results of the research have effected or could effect positive change.
  • The research has the potential for publication.
  • Multimedia must be intrinsic to the research.


  • Serve a significant number of individuals relative to the resources invested; and
  • Serve, in a meaningful way, an underserved group outside of Columbia; or
  • Be of interest to public partners such as community based organizations, government agencies, and NGOs.

In addition, all Triangle Initiative projects should:

  • Have potential to attract major funding.
  • Have potential for translation or application to other projects/venues/analogous disciplines.