VITAL Video Interactions in teaching and Learning

Paper: VITAL in the Australian Journal of Early Childhood

VITAL project partners Joon Sun Lee (Hunter College, The City University of New York), Herbert P. Ginsburg (Teacher's College, Columbia University), and Michael D. Preston (Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning) have published an article entitled Video interactions for teaching and learning (VITAL): Analysing videos online to learn to teach childhood mathematics in the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood (Volume 34, No 2, June 2009, pp. 19-23). From the abstract: "The most pressing need in early childhood mathematics education in the United States is to improve early childhood teacher preparation. A Web-based video system, 'Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning (VITAL)', is a novel and effective approach for teacher preparation integrated into early childhood mathematics education courses. With extensive analysis of videos involving children's mathematical thinking, VITAL provides prospective teachers with engaging and intellectually stimulating hands-on and minds-on learning experiences that supplement the traditional textbook and readings."