VITAL Video Interactions in teaching and Learning

Howard University partner Dr. Gerunda Hughes visits CCNMTL

On Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Dr. Gerunda Hughes from Howard University visited the CCNMTL to meet with the VITAL: Early Childhood Mathematics Education project team. Frank Moretti, Michael Preston, Rae Brosnan, and Kendra Crook met with Dr. Hughes to introduce her to the CCNMTL, demonstrate the VITAL learning environment and curriuclum, and discuss her participation in the project. Dr. Hughes will test the VITAL learning environment and Early Childhood Mathematics Education curriuclum at Howard University during the Spring 2008 semester pilot.

Dr. Hughes is Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Program Coordinator of Secondary Education. She teaches "Integrated Methods II - Science and Math" in both the fall and spring semesters.