NME 2008: Connecting a Global Community

The New Media in Education 2008 Conference, hosted by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, is a free, all-day event for faculty, instructors, and the Columbia community to explore emerging technologies that are connecting students globally. As curricular challenges arise and new technologies develop, the Center works with faculty to discover how digital tools can enhance teaching and learning. During this event, Columbia faculty members and leaders in the field of education and technology will host seminars and workshops that address the successes and challenges of using technologies such as simulations, wikis, and multimedia case studies and provide examples of their use at Columbia University.

Post Event Information

Thank you to all attendees and speakers.The NME2008 Conference was a great success because of the active participation of our speakers and attendees.

Featured Sessions

Welcoming remarks by Frank A. Moretti, CCNMTL Executive Director Conference Keynote by Nicholas Lemann, Dean, School of Journalism

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