Exercises for Heart Mechanics

Set 1

           I.  Introduction - How to use the HeartFlow program

           II.   Pressure -Volume Loop basics    - Understanding the cardiac cycle

                        Examine the phases of the cardiac cycle under normal conditions.  Explore
                        the effect of heart rate and pressure changes.
                             A.  Identify events on the P-V Loop
                             B.  Examine P-V variables under normal conditions.
                             C.  Examine the effect of varying preload.
                             D.  Varying the contractility of the ventricle.
                             E.  Varying the afterload.
                             F.  Examine the effect of varying the heart rate.

           III.  Valve Pathologies     -  Examine the effect of valvular lesions on the cardiac cycle

                        You have learned about the pressure volume loop under normal conditions.  Properly
                        functioning mitral and aortic valves are critical to ensure normal cardiovascular
                        performance.  However, both mitral and aortic valves can fail either by not opening
                        fully when they are supposed to open (stenosis) or by not preventing backflow when
                        they are closed (regurgitation, a.k.a. insufficiency).  Both pathologies can coexist.
                             A.  Mitral regurgitation
                             B.  Mitral stenosis
                             C.  Aortic regurgitation
                             D.  Aortic stenosis

           IV.  The Frank-Starling Law - Examine pressure / volume relationships

                        Invesigate the role of blood volume in cardiac performance.
                        Design and run an experiment.

           V.    The Full Cardiovascular Model  

                        Examine the effects on the right ventricle and the entire circulatory loop.
                        Use more advanced features of the program.