Radio Webcasting has been the heart of the radio program at the Columbia School of Journalism since the program was redesigned in 1996 around NPR-style production techniques and journalistic principles. Radio training is intended to develop descriptive and narrative writing techniques for those who intend to go into print or television as well as to prepare students for a possible radio career. Students produce live Webcasts as a part of the following courses: Reporting and Writing for Broadcast (RW1/Broadcast), Radio Workshop, Documentary, and Masters Project.

The Radio Broadcast Content Management System (Radio CMS) is designed to allow all participants in a broadcast (reporters, producers, instructors) to have easy access to all stories and other broadcast materials, such as play lists and advance planning materials. For listeners online, this system publishes the broadcast rundown page during each stage (pre, live, post-Webcast) without the need to update Web links or create HTML files. Radio CMS is a tool for the Web and executive producers to assemble stories for a broadcast. This process includes reviewing the list of available stories from the radio reporters, editing, and adding content such as an introduction and teaser for each story. The efficiencies provided in this system enable students to focus on their most important goal of learning high-quality radio reporting, writing and production.

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Radio CMS is a product of The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning