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ICAP Nursing E-Learning Platform

ICAP Nursing E-Learning Platform ICAP and The Center for New Media Teach and Learning (CCNMTL) recently collaborated to create the ICAP Nursing E-learning platform. The first material available in the E-learning platform is a self-paced course for nursing students in schools across Africa. This flagship course is called Option B+ after the new World... MORE

Teach Recovery

Teach Recovery People with psychiatric disorders often have cognitive dysfunction, associated with disease related changes in brain functioning. Unless addressed in treatment, these cognitive deficits will continue to negatively impact learning, working and living in the community. Cognitive remediation is a series of exercises and activities for training the brain in specific... MORE


E-WORTH E-WORTH builds on a previous SIG and CCNMTL collaboration Multimedia WORTH (Women On the Road To Health), which in turn was built on the original WORTH intervention. The WORTH intervention was developed by researchers at SIG as a group-based, integrated drug use and HIV prevention intervention for low income, urban... MORE


Masivukeni Masivukeni, which loosely translates to "let's wake up" in Xhosa, is a computer-assisted program that supports counselors at health clinics in Cape Town, South Africa in assisting HIV-positive adults to adhere to their antiretroviral drug regimens through a combination of education and support. The program uses enhanced text, imagery, animations,... MORE


WINGS The WINGS study is currently taking place at two courts in the Bronx. Participants are recruited from waiting areas and are then randomized into the laptop or the traditional arm of the study. The goal of the study is to test whether women in a court situation will more readily... MORE

Collateral Consequences Calculator

Collateral Consequences Calculator Collateral consequences to criminal charges present a problem to the fair and ethical administration of justice in the United States. There are often consequences to a criminal conviction even for seemingly minor crimes that are not written into a defendant's sentence. These consequences can affect, among other things, a defendant’s... MORE


MySmileBuddy MySmileBuddy is funded by the NIH to address their Challenge Area on Health Disparities: "Trans-disciplinary Research to Integrate the Biological and Non-biological Determinants of Health to Address Health Disparities." MySmileBuddy aims to reduce Early Childhood Caries (ECC or severe tooth decay) in children under six. ECC affects minority, low-income families... MORE

Mobile Technologies for Community Health

Mobile Technologies for Community Health CCNMTL partnered with the Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health of the Mailman School of Public Health to develop, test, and disseminate a health information management system relying on low-cost cellular phone technology. This system, developed by Ghana Health Service, CCNMTL, and the Grameen Foundation, tested methods to improve... MORE

Multimedia WORTH

Multimedia WORTH WORTH stands for "Women On the Road To Health." The WORTH intervention was developed by researchers at Columbia University's Social Intervention Group (SIG) as a group-based, integrated drug use and HIV prevention intervention for low income, urban female offenders which addresses intimate partner violence and other gender specific risk factors... MORE

Multimedia Connect

Multimedia Connect Connect is a couples-level intervention for heterosexual couples at risk for HIV/STIs developed by the Social Intervention Group at the School of Social Work. The intervention has been proven to reduce risky behaviors in committed heterosexual couples, the fastest growing HIV-infected group in the US. Principal Investigator Susan Witte and... MORE