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Teach Recovery

Teach Recovery Partner(s): Dr. Alice Medalia
Columbia Psychiatry Leiber Recovery Clinic

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Teach Recovery is a collaboration between Dr. Alice Medalia of the Columbia Psychiatry Leiber Recovery Clinic and CCNMTL. Teach Recovery is a series of self paced courses aimed at teaching health professionals about cognitive dysfunction in people with psychiatric disorders, and how and why to address the cognitive defects. The courses include video lectures, self-testing questions with immediate feedback, and interactive activities.

Teach Recovery is supported by a generous gift from Frank and Patricia Zarb.

Project Details

People with psychiatric disorders often have cognitive dysfunction, associated with disease related changes in brain functioning. Unless addressed in treatment, these cognitive deficits will continue to negatively impact learning, working and living in the community. Cognitive remediation is a series of exercises and activities for training the brain in specific areas, tailored to the individual needs of a particular patient. Cognitive remediation improves cognition and underlying brain functioning, so people can function in the community with minimal professional support.

Dr. Medalia has spent many years as a practitioner of cognitive remediation and lectures and teaches about the technique internationally. The Teach Recovery online courses represent a new effort to expand both awareness of the importance of addressing cognitive health in patients with psychiatric disorders and knowledge of cognitive training techniques.