FreeConference for Conference Calls


The next time you need to set up a conference call, you might consider using FreeConference. The company offers a simple and reliable teleconferencing service for little or no cost that can accommodate up to 150 people per call. Their Reservationless Standard and Web-Scheduled Standard services are completely free; callers pay according to whatever long distance plan they have with their carrier. The conference organizer signs up to get a dial-in number and access code for starting the call. Participants call the number at the designated time, enter the code, and will be connected. The Web-scheduled option allows you to automatically send the date, time and call-in number to the participants via email and helps you track responses.

For those who would like a toll-free number plan, their Resevationless Premium 800 and Web-Scheduled Premium 800 service lets you host conferences for only $0.10 per minute per caller. Once you enter your credit card information, you will be assigned a re-usable, dedicated toll-free number and access code along with a subscriber pin. Send the number, access code and date and time of the call to the participants; your subscriber pin is for your use only and activates each call. Everyone who calls the same number and enters the same access code at the scheduled time will be connected together. For up to $9 per month, FreeConference also provides additional features such as unlimited recording and a desktop sharing plan that allows you to share applications, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, photos, etc. on your computer securely during your conference call.