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The EnhancED site is maintained by the staff at the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) to provide faculty and instructors information about new technologies and hot topics surrounding education and technology, and to share expertise about these technologies and approaches to teaching with technology.

The site has a blog-like organization that is split into three categories describing the types of possible entries:

Noted postings highlight an interesting technology, service, or direction. Posting should have some relevance to the CU community. These posting may include: an article about a new technology, a newly published paper, or an industry change.

The Solutions category is composed of quick how-tos covering a broad range of technologies and educational approaches. Typically, entries are not hypothetical, but based on real experiences.

Primers, by definition, are introductory texts that cover the basic elements of a subject. These entries in the EnhancED site have been written by CCNMTL staff and discuss broad topics such as encouraging peer editing, or using a blog. Beyond the topic of technology itself, these entries include educational considerations, explanatory how-tos, and a discussion of potential trends.

Faculty Spotlight:
A series of entries focusing on specific faculty efforts to use educational technology in their teaching.

In addition, tags are associated with all entries creating interesting relationships between them. These tags are compiled in the remaining navigational category, TagTopics.

TagTopics contains a list of topics that has been generated by the tags assigned to articles in the site. This list, and the number of items assigned to a topic can change daily depending on what has been added to this site on a particular day.

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The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) builds education experiences for Columbia University’s faculty, staff, and students across all of Columbia’s colleges, schools, and departments — on campus and online. From our earliest days in 1999, CCNMTL has been dedicated to producing new media and developing educational technology to enhance university teaching and learning. Our productions, publications, and events aim to provide thought leadership and practical support — and promote innovation in pedagogy and curriculum development — for teachers and higher education everywhere. CCNMTL is part of the Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. For more information, please visit