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The Archivist Tracks Twitter

From Mix Online, a Microsoft subsidiary for designers and developers, comes The Archivist, a tool that lets you archive, analyze, and export tweets. (Export option since removed.)

The Archivist can be accessed with and without an account. Without an account, you can get a snapshot of activity based on a Twitter search using recent tweets, but if you associate your Twitter account to The Archivist, you can create archives that will be saved. Your profile contains your archives which are presented using six visualizations of the data, including tweet volume and top users.

Archives can be public or private and will be updated based on the volume of tweets. So, for searches that produce considerable traffic (over 500 tweets/day), the archive is updated once an hour. On the other end of the traffic spectrum, for light traffic, The Archivist will update the archive every 24 hours.

A public archive can be accessed via a URL. For example, in preparation for this entry, we started an archive that collected tweets with the hashtag #columbiauniversity. Since November 23rd, 107 tweets have been collected to date.

Tweets by Volume