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Brownfield Action 2.0 launches in Barnard Environmental Science course

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October 2, 2000. Brownfield Action 2.0, the second iteration of an interactive simulation of contaminated landsite on CD-ROM developed by CCNMTL, began this week in Barnard College's environmental science department. The simulation integrates knowledge from a wide range of sources (environmental science, chemistry, geography, geology, epidemiology, the etiology of illness, civics and economics) to solve problems of environmental contamination.

Brownfield Action is intended for use as the main laboratory exercise of the Introduction to Environmental Science course at Barnard College, taught by Prof. Peter Bower. Over 100 students working in pairs will spend the next 10 weeks experiencing what it is like to be an environmental site investigator as they explore a brownfield in a virtual town. Using maps, interviews with residents, government documents, and a comprehensive set of environmental testing tools, students will generate a report on the cause and extent of any pollution they find on an abandoned factory site that is ready for sale to a real estate developer who wishes to build a mall on the property.

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