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Brownfield Action Featured in Science Education and Civic Engagement Journal

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February 23, 2011. The Science Education and Civic Engagement International Journal published an article on the CCNMTL-developed simulation, Brownfield Action, in its Winter 2011 issue. Created in partnership with Barnard Professor of Science Peter Bower, Brownfield Action is an interactive simulation that combines scientific expertise, constructivist educational philosophy, and multimedia to advance the teaching of environmental science. In the simulation, students are presented with maps, documents, videos, and an extensive network of scientific data to conduct environmental site assessment investigations and work collaboratively to explore and solve problems in environmental forensics. Brownfield Action is a central component of Barnard's introductory environmental science course and is also used at nine additional colleges, universities, and high schools.

"Brownfield Action: An Inquiry Based Multimedia Simulation for Teaching and Learning Environmental Science," was authored by Professor Bower, CCNMTL Executive Director Frank Moretti, and CCNMTL Associate Director Ryan Kelsey. The article provides testimony of instructors using the Brownfield Action Simulation in their courses, as well as an independent professional evaluation that demonstrates how Brownfield Action has significantly increased student understanding and learning across a wide spectrum of uses.

Visit the Science Education and Civic Engagement International Journal online to read the full article.

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