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CCNMTL Facebook Page Gets Timeline Design

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CCNMTL's Facebook page at has switched to the social media platform’s new Timeline design. The new design offers a more visually engaging experience and makes it easier for page visitors to see important information from the Center.

Facebook’s Timeline feature organizes posts as a series of chronological events; important posts can be highlighted by pinning them to the top of the timeline. Users can explore CCNMTL’s Timeline to see milestones in the Center’s history, including the launch of strategic initiatives, conferences, and project releases. In addition, the top of each page features a large cover image and general information about the organization. Page Tabs are now called Apps and appear below the cover image.

CCNMTL’s Facebook page provides a way for individuals to engage with Columbia’s educational technology initiatives, including news, event announcements, tips for instructors, and photos.