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CCNMTL Launches Multimedia Journalism Case Studies

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April 7, 2008. Eight recently completed multimedia case studies are being piloted by Professor Michael Shapiro in his graduate journalism course "Decision Making in the Newsroom," as part of the Knight Case Studies Initiative at the School of Journalism.

The cases, which cover a range of topics from the role of blogging in news reporting to making integrity decisions on deadline, are transforming teaching to help students foster advanced decision-making skills and prepare them for the managerial decisions they will likely face during their careers in journalism. In preparation for class, students are asked to read background information for the case study. Case study components are then slowly revealed during class, thus simulating the complexity of a real-life situation and the challenging discussions and decisions that unfold with it.

The cases were written by writers for the Knight Case Studies Initiative at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. CCNMTL produced the multimedia, online environment and funding was provided by the Knight Foundation. Over the next year, the School of Journalism plans to release 20 new multimedia and multi-dimensional cases for classroom use.

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