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CCNMTL Hosts Simulations Seminar for CUMC Instructors

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June 3, 2008. CCNMTL will host an educational seminar and discussion on simulations on June 24 at the Armory on the CUMC campus. This event will focus on the teaching and learning aspects of using web-based simulations in the classroom. Simulations can be a valuable tool for professors to teach complicated, real-world issues. Using simulations, students may immerse themselves in a safe environment, exploring roles and real-life scenarios of complex fields studied in the classroom. During this one-hour session, Ryan Kelsey, associate director of education and research at the CCNMTL, will lead a discussion for faculty and instructors who currently use simulations or would like to consider doing so. This discussion will focus on how to think critically about how simulations can best enhance teaching and learning and how to incorporate the simulation into the curriculum through classwork and assignments.

Learn more about simulations by attending this seminar:

Simulations: Getting Started
Tuesday, June 24
12:00pm - 1:00pm
2nd floor of the Armory on Columbia University's Medical Campus
Read the seminar description and register

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