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Epiville: Disease Outbreak Simulation Relaunches

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epiville.jpg September 24, 2009. The Epiville: Disease Outbreak Simulation, developed by CCNMTL in 2003 for the course Principles of Epidemiology and still in use today, was recently revamped with a site redesign. The simulation, which is used by over 350 students every semester in the Mailman School of Public Health, features an enhanced user experience and provides easier content management capabilities.

Epiville requires students to play the role of an epidemiologist, gathering facts and deciding actions to curb an outbreak that has struck the fictitious town of "Epiville." The simulation consists of 10 learning modules that use text, video, and interviews to provide details on the developing epidemiologic emergency. Students must design cases based on the facts presented to them and collect and analyze data. Throughout the simulation, students are also presented with multiple-choice questions and interactive maps and visuals.

The redesigned Epiville site exhibits a new color scheme, updated graphics and fonts, and a user-friendly navigation system. The site was also moved to Movable Type, a content management system that will allow more flexibility as the site continues to grow in the years to come. Additionally, new discussion questions have been added to each learning module in the simulation using Google Forms. Students submit their answers to the questions directly in the Epiville site, which are then sent to the professor and teaching assistant for review.

Epiville is open to the public and receives hundreds of visits each month. Go to Epiville to view the revamped site.

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