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CCNMTL satellite will open at the Health Sciences campus early Fall 2000

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August 2, 2000. CCNMTL will be expanding to include a satellite at the Health Sciences campus later this summer. The Center will occupy two separate locations. One will be a small office in the Hammer Building and a second larger space across the street at the Armory Track and Field Center, which has become one of the vitalizing forces for community re-development in Washington Heights ( Work has started on the renovation of the Armory space and we expect to move into both of these locations by the end of 2000.

Dr. John Zimmerman has joined CCNMTL as the Associate Director for the Health Science campus. Dr. Zimmerman ( will continue his appointment as Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry and Clinical Medical Informatics while directing the efforts of the Center uptown. He will bring into the fold of the Center his team of developers and technicians. While we work on the physical presence, the Center has begun a number of digital efforts with the faculty across each of the four schools at the Health Sciences campus. Current projects include developing the Science Basic to the Practice of Medicine and Dentistry course, a required course for all first-year students, a nutrition course, and the Primary Care and Pediatric Clerkships among others.

For further information, please contact John Zimmerman at (646) 772-8607.