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CCNMTL Shares Stickies Product With Plone Community

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July 18, 2005. CCNMTL is actively developing PloneStickies, a content annotation solution that borrows the idea of "sticky notes" and applies it to web pages. The product is currently being developed as a plugin for the Plone Content Management System, an open source CMS and development platform that is being successfully used in several educational web environments, including the Educational Multimedia Case Constructor (EMCC). Within the EMCC, students use stickies to attach notes to images, videos, and other multimedia assets. CCNMTL has made an initial release of this product available to the Open Source Community with the hope that others will benefit from this technology, and reciprocally continue to advance its development. Additional features are currently in the works that will allow users to attach more than one note to an asset and provide an enhanced user interface, as well as allow students to "tag" assets with keywords.

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