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CCNMTL Staff Travels to Scotland and Jordan

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June 2, 2006. Frank Moretti and Maurice Matiz traveled to the University of Glasgow in Scotland from May 10 to 16 as part of a Columbia University contingent fostering greater collaboration between the two institutions. They presented CCNMTL's work and methodology to many of the university's schools and departments, including medical and dental, veterinary, business, and education faculty, as well as to the new media group and the University's senior administration.

Meanwhile, educational technologist Jonathan Hall was invited to consult on the use of IT at the new King's Academy, a progressive, co-educational boarding high school in Jordan. From May 6 to 15, he visited the new campus, modeled on Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, to meet with numerous leaders in the Jordanian education and IT sectors, including Minister of Education Dr. Khaled Toukan and His Majesty King Abdullah II. The school, which will open in September 2007, is intended to be a leading institution internationally in the innovative use of technologies in educational, social, and operational life.