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College of Dental Medicine Faculty Discuss CCNMTL Tools

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June 6, 2006. The annual College of Dental Medicine (CDM) retreat, held on Saturday, June 2, featured workshops designed by CCNMTL highlighting current and potential uses of technology to help the faculty teach more effectively. In a series of group sessions, CCNMTL staff moderated discussions on topics including:

  • Teaching Clinical Techniques - Video Technologies, VirTechs, VITAL
  • Case-Based Learning - Case-Building Tool, Image Annotation Tool, Image Database
  • Large Lecture Classes - Podcasting, Presentation Software, CourseWorks Best Practices
  • Portfolios - Supporting Life-Long Learning, Assessment and Communities of Learning

The goal of the workshops was to expose CDM faculty to technologies, some already in use by the school, that can enhance teaching and learning as well as to gauge their particular needs as a group. The sessions led to interesting and motivating discussions within the faculty.

Other schools and departments interested in similar workshops should email their CCNMTL contact or send email to

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