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Columbia Wikispaces Milestone Reached

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This weekend, the 20,000th Columbia student joined one of over 1,700 course wikis that have been created since the inception of the Columbia Wikispaces service in June 2007.

CCNMTL settled on because of their educational focus, their solid integration with numerous Web 2.0 services, and an attractively-priced Columbia-branded solution. The Center wanted to provide a scalable service that would offer instructors self-service course wiki creation and permit students to join their course wikis using Columbia's UNI-based access and affiliations.

Instructors looking for an online collaboration space that is less rigid than the typical course management system have repeatedly turned to Columbia Wikispaces. Perhaps the best feature of Columbia Wikispaces is that it is easy to create, update, and revise web pages using familiar word-processor-style editing tools. Students also enjoy the simple integration with many services like Google Docs, YouTube, polls, chat, Flickr, Google Maps, RSS and others.

The success of Wikispaces led to the launch in June 2009 of Columbia Wikischolars, a companion service for researchers jointly supported with the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS).

If you are interested in trying Columbia Wikispaces, please call or email CCNMTL or visit: