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Columbia YouTube Channel Hits 2 Million Views

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The Columbia University YouTube channel reached 2 million views this past weekend. The channel, which is managed by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, offers access to Columbia-produced videos of lectures, events, and promotional content. Videos from the 2012 University Commencement were recently added, including President Barack Obama’s keynote address at the Barnard College Commencement.

The channel currently hosts about 900 videos and receives between 2,000 and 3,000 views per day. The channel reached 1 million views in late January 2011.

Some of the most-viewed videos on the channel are lectures from a Virology course taught by Columbia Microbiology professor Vincent Racaniello. A playlist for the course includes 26 lectures for a total of over 30 hours of instruction, available free to anyone in the world.

CCNMTL launched the Columbia University YouTube channel in March of 2009, with a focus on course lectures, special events, and conference materials. The Columbia University YouTube site also connects with YouTube sites maintained by other schools at Columbia, such as the Columbia Business School, Graduate School of Journalism, and others.

Columbia YouTube Channel

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