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Decision-Making Tools for CRED

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February 8, 2007. CCNMTL has partnered with the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) to build online tools that will both enhance the group's research on human decision making and demonstrate these concepts to students in "Psychology: Thinking and Decision Making," taught by Professor Elke Weber.

Students in the course used a pilot of the CRED Decision-Making Tool to focus on glacial retreat on Mount Kilimanjaro. The tool provided two modules: an analytic presentation of information about glacial retreat on Mount Kilimanjaro as well as an experiential presentation of the same material. Students were randomly assigned to work through specific modules, and then asked to participate in a survey that measured how well they retained the material they studied, as well as any related behavioral intentions and attitudes they may have formed.

According to the course instructors, the online tool demonstrated experiential and analytical processing more effectively than conventional classroom methods. They reported that students not only learned about global warming, but also about the psychology of decision making.

View demo of CRED Decision-Making Tools