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Versatile Developer Sings at Music Hum Class

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CCNMTL developer Eddie Rubeiz is multi-talented. Besides being a coder on numerous CCNMTL custom environments, Eddie is also an accomplished singer. This past Friday, Eddie joined three other singers to perform Josquin des Prez's Ave Maria, a long-time staple of the Music Humanities course, in Professor Brad Garton's section. Eddie is scheduled to sing at three other sections this week.

Eddie is part of Collegium Musicum, a choral ensemble consisting of Columbia students, faculty, staff, and others in the University community and directed by Mahir Cetiz, a doctoral candidate in composition. Collegium Musicum aims to bring live music into the classroom of Music Humanities, a course required of all undergraduates as part of Columbia’s Core Curriculum.

Ave Maria is also used to illustrate the imitative polyphony entry in Columbia’s Sonic Glossary. The entry provides a digital counterpart to Collegium Musicum’s live example, and includes a sound clip of Ave Maria with an illustration of the four voice parts. While this particular clip doesn’t feature Eddie’s voice, individuals walking through Dodge Hall this week may be able to catch him singing the tenor or bass parts in glorious polyphony.

Ave Maria
From Sonic Glossary: The four musical lines of Ave Maria.

Audio: Josquin de Prez, Ave Maria, Virgo Serena, stanza 1, excerpt.