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Video: Fall 2014 RewirED Faculty Showcase at CUMC

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The Fall 2014 rewirED Faculty Showcase at Columbia University's Medical Campus celebrated innovative uses of technology in the classroom and online. The event featured three faculty innovators who participated in the rewirED series:

Roseanna Graham, DDS, MA, PhD (College of Dental Medicine)
Rachel Gordon, MD, MPH (Medicine and Epidemiology)
Debby D'Angelo, MS (Biostatistics).

Each faculty innovator discusses her partnership with CCNMTL, and demonstrates how certain tools and techniques addressed during the rewirED series affected their classroom practices. CCNMTL educational technologist Michael Cennamo hosted the showcase event.

Each presenters section can be accessed directly using the links below:

Roseanna Graham - 6:30
Rachel Gordon - 19:06
Debby D'Angelo - 32:53

After the faculty presentations, CCNMTL recognized faculty that participated in the series with rewirED Rewards: a certificate, a book by Douglas Rushkoff "Program or Be Programmed", and a reception that followed the showcase. The event took place on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 in the Hammer Teaching Center.

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