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Faculty Workshops: Effectively Use RSS For Teaching

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November 7, 2007. CCNMTL is hosting a new workshop during the week of November 12. The Effectively Use RSS for Teaching workshop will explore ways of using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for educational purposes and teach instructors how to collect web-based information into a centralized space. "RSS" feed options, available on many websites, allow visitors to subscribe to a site's content, which is then fed into one location (a feed reader). Feed readers are helpful for professors who refer to numerous websites each day. Learn more about using RSS feeds to enhance your Wikispaces or Courseworks site at this workshop.

Workshops are held in the CCNMTL Faculty Lab in Butler Library 204 on:

November 14, 2007, Wednesday 4:00 pm
November 15, 2007, Thursday 4:00 pm

Refreshments will be served. Register here.