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Global Honors College 2011 Kicks Off

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The online phase of the Global Honors College 2011 officially began on June 20. The course, Global Seminar on Sustainability (2011 Theme: Food and Agriculture), began with a live global kickoff session held in Adobe Connect that brought together the Seminar's four teaching faculty and students from nine participating institutions. The live event was a chance for the students and faculty to meet each other in real time, covering faculty introductions and an overview of the weeks ahead.

Course work for the seminar is now underway using the GoingOn course platform that emphasizes social media interactions among students and instructors. Additionally, faculty will enhance course presentations using VoiceThread. The online phase will continue for six weeks before all participants rendezvous in Singapore for the face-to-face component of the course in August.

The GHC is a joint effort of Columbia and Waseda Universities, with funding provided by the CU Provost's Office and Waseda University.

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