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Image Annotation Tool Released

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March 16, 2005. CCNMTL has released The Image Annotation Tool (IAT), a web-based application that facilitates the close study of digital images.

The IAT was developed for Dean Letty Moss-Salentijn's Orofacial Histology, Growth, and Development course in the School for Oral and Dental Surgery. In Professor Moss-Salentijn's course, students review and study a set of clearly annotated histology slides of perfect structures. After studying the annotated slides, students are presented with a set of unmarked images that are representative of typical structures that they are likely to encounter in the real world. Students annotate the slides that are then reviewed by Professor Moss-Salentijn.

Although the IAT was developed for a histology course, it can be utilized in any discipline that requires the close study of images. The tool is especially useful for labeling maps, illustrating art images, or highlighting specific elements of a graphic.

Image Annotation Tool