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Instructional Design for GIS Fellows

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June 10, 2005. As a participating member of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Working Group, an organization dedicated to expanding GIS activity at Columbia, CCNMTL has been offering guidance on Instructional Design to graduate summer fellows. Educational Technologist Ryan Kelsey's contribution to the weekly workshops cover effective teaching practices, from setting educational goals to evaluating student work.

A recipient of an Academic Quality Fund (AQF) grant from the University, the GIS Working Group has organized a Summer Fellows Program for graduate students representing a broad range of social sciences departments from urban planning to public health. In addition to advancing their own research projects based on spatial information, fellows will design a one-week GIS course module to be integrated into a graduate course in their department, develop a spatial research bibliography listing exemplary papers relevant to their field of study, and compile an inventory of GIS-related research projects in their departments.

GIS Summer Fellows Program