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Environmental Change Course Using IRIS Project

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In April, CCNMTL released the International Research Institute Study (IRIS) project for use in the Remote Sensing and Environmental Change course taught by professors Pietro Ceccato and Michael Bell. The web site contains the first of three planned modules that aim to a) help their students learn about the IRI data library and b) show them how to apply the different datasets in that library to a real-world case.

The first module, which was introduced this semester, focuses on fire hotspots in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Students work independently on the module to learn about how peatland fires lead to major economic losses, widespread health problems, and risks to biodiversity. The students learn how to forecast fires and to create early-warning systems by applying the IRI data to the situation in Kalimantan. The students are also evaluated for their understanding of the material using a Survey Monkey online quiz. The site features interactive graphs constructed from original static charts and two screencasts that provide an overview of the IRI environment. The site is open to all.

Next up is the construction of the malaria module. The long-term goal for the project is to have an environment in which students can both read existing case studies and use the IRI data library to create and upload their own.